K.N.I.F.E crime awareness training for young Learners

 From June 2018 to June 2019 – 235 knife murders, 412 attempted murders in UK.

So what is K. N. I. F. E all about?

This 1-hour workshop is highly interactive, impactive and real!

This resource has been specifically designed for children and young people between the ages of 11 -17 years, and has been widely delivered across the UK in mainstream schools, colleges, PRU and supported learning establishments.


Engaging with young people in a language that they understand.

Educatinglearners as to the dangers of Knife-crime and

Empoweringyoung people to make safer choices.

Topics discussed

Killed – Exploring the fatal and long lasting effects of Knife-crime on victims, perpetrators and families

Nicked – Knife-crime and the Law

Injured – Introduction to Knife-related injuries

Family Ruined – Fall –out. Ramifications of becoming involved in Knife-crime

Employment and Travel- ruined  – Discussing restrictions and limitations in future life, if convicted of Knife-crime offences!

This subject may be considered disturbing however the trainer will liaise with the sponsor of the session at each venue and agree an age appropriate delivery plan.

About the Trainer – Dean Coady was born in Salford and grew up in South Manchester. A former Parachute Regiment Soldier and experienced Safeguarding Trainer, he was awarded an OBE from Her Majesty the Queen for services to the community. He has worked with thousands of young people across the UK and abroad, empowering them to make more informed decisions in relation to their responses to knife crime and recognising the consequences of potential violent and criminal behaviour.

Dean is a member of the Home Office Ending Gang Youth Violence and Exploitation Focus Group and recently retired as a School Governor at 17 Secondary Pupil Referral Units across South Manchester.

When not involved in Safeguarding training, he instructs Bush Rangers in anti-Poaching operations throughout Africa.

Dean specialises in engaging with least-heard communities, those affected or at risk from street-based threats and criminal influences as well as those vulnerable to Radicalisation and other forms of exploitation.

He has shared his knowledge of Guns, Knife-crime, Gangs, County Lines and Child Criminal Exploitation– assisting adult Safeguarders to support children in their charge. He also teaches young learners safety drills to increase their personal resilience to street-based threats, allowing them to exit potentially dangerous situations and divert from criminal influences.

All of Dean’s workshops are highly interactive. Prepare to engage!

If you would like to book or discuss other training available for your children or staff.


Dean Coady OBE 07885597690