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Street-Strong Street-Safe – for young learners.



A ‘County Lines’ Response –  Combatting Child Criminal Exploitation and Knife-Crime

 So what is County Lines?

‘County Lines’, is the name given to the criminal exploitation and trafficking of children and vulnerable people within the UK. You may have seen mention of this over the last weeks in many newspapers and other media. The corresponding guidance to combat this has been prepared by the National Crime Agency and supported by the Home Office, Ending Youth and Gang Violence and Exploitation forum, of which I am a member. Let me give you this simple example of a County Lines scenario.

A parent/teacher/carer or other Safeguarder is contacted by the police and informed that, Chrissie, a 14 year old boy/girl in their charge, from ‘Bigtown” has been arrested in ‘Seasidetown’ in possession of class A dugs and £600 in cash. They were found in the house of a vulnerable adult with learning difficulties, called David. David has absolutely no connection to the child. Chrissie is a persistent missing from home however this is the first time they have been arrested. Initially this sounds like the young person is a minor drug dealer, maybe under the charge of the vulnerable adult – however in this case, this is not correct!!!

Chrissie had been groomed over a period of time by an established drug dealer from “Bigtown”, that had spread his dealing operations from the City, to ‘Seasidetown’, (County). Less organised criminals, less gangsters, more of a market place.

This same drug dealer/gang member had previously sent down a ‘team’ of his street dealers and ‘soldiers’ to establish the drug market. These criminals quickly identified Dave as vulnerable and ‘cuckooed’ his address, making it their drug-dealing den by force or coercion.

So in fact the pair is better described as victims and not only should we be looking to prosecute the drug dealer/gangster for dealing, but also for potential slavery, exploitation and human trafficking!!!

This is obviously only a very basic example as this activity can also occur within a city or town, and not just City to County.  There are other aspects of County Lines that you will discover when you read the National Crime Agency guidance.

‘Street-Strong, Street-Safe’is a highly interactive one-hour workshop, specifically designed to increase awareness, educate and challenge young people’s understanding of the dangers of criminal exploitation and the consequences of becoming involved in travelling to other regions or away from ’home’ areas, in order to deal class A drugs or commit associated crime. (County Lines)

By using ‘Real-Life-story-delivery’, the scenarios presented also explore and address; grooming, drug abuse, debt bondage, street-gangs, CSE, grooming, social responsibility and diversity. Also specifically addresses gun and knife-crime.

This resource has been specifically designed for children between the ages of 11 -17 years, and has been widely delivered across the UK in mainstream, PRU and supported learning establishments.

The workshop consists of learners following a virtual- journey taken by 15 year olds Adam and Natasha, as they are groomed and subsequently exploited by an older male, Lee, to travel from their local area into neighbouring regions, to become involved in drug dealing and associated crime.

Throughout the input, the learners will watch as the pair become involved in real life situations, and will discuss their actions, reactions and the possible outcomes and consequences of Adam and Natasha’s behaviour.

The workshop will enable young learners to explore, reflect and challenge some of the behaviour that the pair demonstrates and to discuss potential solutions as to the difficult situations that they find themselves in.

The resource aims are to educate young learners and offer advice, potential solutions and guidance that will empower them to build a personal resilience to criminal exploitation and to assist them to address and/or combat the threats of individuals that wish to do them harm.

1 hour duration – 30 learners mainstream, 15 learners – PRU or similar

Please contact me if you would like to book this session or discuss other training available for your children or staff.

Dean Coady OBE 07885597690


The Borders Project – for Adult Safeguarders

A ‘County Lines’ Response – Combatting Child Criminal Exploitation and Knife-Crime


The Borders Project is a highly interactive 3 hour workshop specifically designed for Adult Safeguarders that have children and/or vulnerable adults in their charge.

The training provides learners with information and support by;

Enhancing youth engagement skills and knowledge to support children and vulnerable adults at risk of criminal exploitation.

Sharing ‘real life-story’ scenarios to empower adult Safeguarders to support children and vulnerable adults to increase personal resilience and awareness of the dangers and consequences of becoming involved in crime.

Provide practical personal safety advice.

Included in the Adult Training Workshop are;

Definitions and explanations of County Lines, Gangs and  Organised Crime Groups

An update of current County Lines Criminal Practices.

Review of the correlation between County Lines, Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery

Exploration of Risk Factors

Defences at Law and the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) 

Also included in the Adult training session is;

‘Street-Strong Street-Safe’– enhanced youth engagement skills to provide support to young people at risk of criminal exploitation, which includes a Knife-crime module – increasing awareness of knife-crime and consequence.


About the Trainer – Dean Coady was born in Salford and grew up in South Manchester. A former Parachute Regiment Soldier he joined Greater Manchester Police in 1990 and served 25 years front-line. Prior to his retirement in 2014 he was one of the highest decorated Detectives in the UK, receiving numerous Chief Constable and Judges Commendations. He is a member of the Home Office Ending Gang Youth Violence and Exploitation Focus Group, School Governor at 17 Secondary Pupil Referral Units across South Manchester, and Managing Director at Urban Pure Solutions.

Dean specialises in engaging with least-heard communities, those affected or at risk from street-based threats and criminal influences as well as those vulnerable to Radicalisation and other forms of exploitation.

He has shared his knowledge of gangs, County Lines and Child Criminal Exploitation across the UK – assisting adult Safeguarders to support children in their charge. He also teaches young learners safety drills to increase personal resilience to child criminal exploitation (County Lines) allowing them to exit potentially dangerous situations and divert from criminal influences.

When not working with Safeguarders and young people in the UK, Dean trains Anti-Poaching Bush Rangers throughout Africa.

All of Dean’s workshops are highly interactive. Prepare to engage!

3 hours duration –  50 Adult Learners

Please contact me if you would like to book this session or discuss other training available for your children or staff.

Dean Coady OBE 07885597690


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