County Lines/ Child Criminal Exploitation

If it is County Lines/Child Criminal Exploitation, Drug or general Crime and Consequence Training or Knife-crime awareness for your staff and pupils, then I am 100% your man!  Please have a look at the below. It might be best if you call me to discuss further. Best   Dean 07885597690
My name is Dean Coady OBE – I am contacting you today to make you aware of the Safeguarding work that I am currently delivering across the UK and to explore how if you may be interested in further conversation regarding increasing the resilience of children and young adults to County Lines/Child Criminal Exploitation and also training and supporting Adult Safeguarders that have these children and vulnerable adults in their charge. 

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and what I am currently involved in, focusing on my two projects, County Lines (Child Criminal Exploitation) and Knife Crime interactive workshops. 

I was born Salford and grew up in South Manchester. I am a former Parachute Regiment Soldier, served 10 years and now retired Manchester Police Detective, served 26 years. Every day of my police service was front-line and included postings in CID, Field Intelligence, Major Crime and Specialist Operations, Counter Terrorism Branch and Gang Unit Moss Side, (to name but a few). Prior to my retirement, I was one of the highest decorated cops in England and I have just got back to the UK having been deployed in Africa training Bushrangers to combat Illegal Wildlife Crime and Poaching. 

I am now a self-employed Safeguarding trainer and Managing Director at my company Urban Pure Solutions. Please have a look at my website for further detail.

I have been engaging with least-heard individuals, high-risk and vulnerable children and adults, mainstream groups, supported learning and numerous communities and diasporas across the UK all my working life, and have been delivering bespoke Safeguarding training at Urban Pure, full time, for the last five years.

I specialise in youth engagement, street-crime and consequences, gangs, CCE, County Lines and radicalisation as well as supporting adult safeguarders, teachers and similar that have young people or vulnerable adults in their charge.

Albeit not a new threat, County Lines/CCE has been mentioned in the latest Keeping Children Safe in Education and in the Government’s Serious Violence Strategy.

This heinous phenomena is very much in the news identified as potentially the most all-encompassing series of dangers facing our young children and vulnerable adults. The National Crime Agency have stated that ‘Organised Crime is a greater threat to our communities than Terrorism!” 

Street-Gangs and Organised Crime Group’s County Lines and Criminal Exploitation activity encompasses; drug dealing, firearms, home invasion, threats to mental and physical health, sexual exploitation, modern day slavery and people trafficking, to name but a few. 

So what is County Lines/CCE? 

County Lines encompasses Vulnerable Adult and Child Criminal Exploitation is the name given to the trafficking and exploitation of young people and vulnerable adults within the UK, for criminal purposes. You may have seen mention of this over the last few months in many newspapers and the corresponding guidance to combat this has been prepared by the National Crime Agency and supported by the Home Office, Ending Youth and Gang Violence and Exploitation forum, of which I am a member. I was also recently invited to speak to a cross party group at the House of Commons, to tell them of my work in relation to empowering children and vulnerable adults to make better decisions, as well as also increasing the knowledge of adult safeguarders. 

Let me give you this very simple example. A parent/carer or safeguarder is contacted by the police and informed that, Chrissie, a 16 year old boy/girl from Bigtown, currently in their charge, has been arrested in Smalltown in possession of class A drugs and £300 in cash. They were found in the house of a vulnerable adult with learning difficulties, called David. Absolutely no connection to the young person. Chrissie has never been missing from home and this is the first time they have been arrested.

Initially this sounds like the young person is a minor drug dealer, maybe under the charge of the vulnerable adult – however in this case, this is not correct!!! 

Chrissie had been groomed over a period of time by an established drug dealer from Bigtown, that had spread his dealing operations from the City, to Smalltown (County). Less gangsters, more of an unchallenged marketplace. This same Bigtown gangster had sent down a reconnaissance team or ‘scoping party’ of his street dealers to take over the existing drug market in Smalltown, and they have identified Dave the vulnerable adult and ‘cuckooed’ (invaded) his address, making it their drug-dealing den by force or coercion.

So in fact this pair are better described as victims and not only should we be looking to prosecute the gangster/criminal for dealing, but also for potential modern day slavery, exploitation and human trafficking!!!

This is obviously only a very basic example and there are other aspects of County Lines that you will discover when you read the NCA guidance as well as the Home Office Serious Violence Strategy 2018. Often the drug-dealing may NOT be from Urban to Rural, but from one side of a city to another, from one end of a road to another – this is still drug trafficking and exploitation, regardless of distances actually covered! The majority of Police forces in the UK have reported County Lines activity going on in their area.

So where do I fit in? Since November 2016.have delivered Prevent, Gangs and County Lines training to over 65 000 children and Adult Safeguarders Most recently I have worked with individuals and organisations that care for children and vulnerable adults, in Hampshire – Portsmouth, Southampton, Surrey, Oxford, Lichfield, Hull, London, Lancashire, Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Cheshire and Durham. (To be honest, I can not remember all the places I have been!)

I have delivered robust, realistic and age-appropriate training at hundreds of Secondary Pupil Referral Units, mainstream schools, colleges, supported learning, youth clubs, children’s homeless accommodations – working with young learners and teachers. I have also demonstrated and shared my training with the Home Office Ending Youth Violence and Exploitation Panel and several Police and Crime Commissioner Projects, again across the UK.

I have lectured at Salford University on the Modern Day Slavery CPD sessions, Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside, Oxford and Hampshire LSCB, numerous police forces, delivered to Barnardo’s, Children’s Society, Manchester Youth Zone, Manchester Young Lives, Rio Ferdinand Charity, Manchester City in the Community, Active Communities Network, Catch22, CAPE, NWG, REACH, Care4Children, Foster Carers, Children and supporting staff, Mental Health, NHS, Schools Improvement Officers, Cheshire school’s Police officers, Manchester Youth Services, DSL’s and Deputy Head conferences and similar in Warrington, Rochdale, Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Hampshire, Oxford, Surrey etc. 

My Adult Safeguarding training is called:                ‘The Borders Project’ – County Lines Awareness for Safeguarders – (3 hrs duration – Maximum of 60 learners). The Borders Project includes definitions of Gangs, Organised Crime, Insight into aspects that cause increased vulnerability, The National Referral Mechanism, Correlation between CL and Modern Day Slavery and People Trafficking, also includes an Adult Safeguarder’s version of Street- Strong, Street – Safe, (see below) enhanced youth engagement and knife-crime input.

My Young Learner’s training is called:  ‘Street-strong, Street-safe’.  1hr duration, 11 to 21 years. Maximum learners – 30 (or a class size) for mainstream children and 10 – 15 children for supported learners/PRU’s and similar. This training consists of an Introduction to what County Lines and Child Criminal Exploitation actually is and how it can affect young people. Using a series of highly-interactive and realistic scenarios, I engage, educate and empower learners to make more informed decisions with regard to responding to their personal threat, risk and vulnerabilities in relation to Criminal Exploitation and some effective physical safety drills.

This input also includes an additional Knife-crime awareness mini-teach.

Alternatively I can deliver a 60 minute stand alone Knife Crime Awareness input, entitled K.N.I.F.E – Killed, Nicked, Injured, Family ruined, Employment and Travel destroyed. (1 hr duration – up to 35 learners)

Please note – I do not deliver to lectures to assemblies or full year groups – I engage the children (and adults) in highly interactive, realistic and enjoyable workshops. (Don’t call me to tick any boxes!!) 

Dependant on the location of the venue, travel and accom related expenses, may need to be added – however this would be discussed at time of booking. Similarly I will offer discount for block or multiple bookings. 

I cannot impress on you enough how rife County Lines, (CCE) and Knife Crime has become. I am sure you will agree that County Lines criminal methodology is not new as Adults have been exploiting children for Criminal and Sexual purposes for quite a long time.

The schools, colleges and other organisations that I work with, really seem to enjoy the training I deliver to them as it is realistic, engaging and covers not just aspects of County Lines, but also gangs, guns, knives, drug abuse, CSE, true friendships, coping with peer pressure and other negative influences and introduces learners to personal safety strategies to get them out of some very tricky and dangerous situations.

Due to the demand on Urban Pure, for this training, I have had to retire from my position as school governor at 17 Pupil Referral Units, however this has given me invaluable experience to also share this learning with other Governors and parents.

Please feel free to ask me for local referees that you could contact should you require any more information as to the effectiveness of my workshops and do not hesitate to get back to me should you require further.

I hope this assists and I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

Keep safe.


Street-Strong Street-Safe – for young learners – including K.N.I.F.E – Knife crime awareness training.



In Summary

The Borders Project – for Adult Safeguarders  3hrs duration, up to 60 learners

A ‘County Lines’ Response – Combatting Child Criminal Exploitation and Knife-Crime

The Borders Project is a highly interactive 3 hour workshop specifically designed for Adult Safeguarders that have children and/or vulnerable adults in their charge.

The training provides learners with information and support by;

Enhancing youth engagement skills and knowledge to support children and vulnerable adults at risk of criminal exploitation.

Sharing ‘real life-story’ scenarios to empower adult Safeguarders to support children and vulnerable adults to increase personal resilience and awareness of the dangers and consequences of becoming involved in crime.

Provide practical personal safety advice.

Included in the Adult Training Workshop are;

Definitions and explanations of County Lines, Gangs and  Organised Crime Groups

An update of current County Lines Criminal Practices.

Review of the correlation between County Lines, Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery

Exploration of Risk Factors

Defences at Law and the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) 

Also included in the Adult training session is;

‘Street-Strong Street-Safe’– enhanced youth engagement skills to provide support to young people at risk of criminal exploitation, which includes a Knife-crime module – increasing awareness of knife-crime and consequence.


About the Trainer – Dean Coady was born in Salford and grew up in South Manchester. A former Parachute Regiment Soldier he joined Greater Manchester Police in 1990 and served 25 years front-line. Prior to his retirement in 2014 he was one of the highest decorated Detectives in the UK, receiving numerous Chief Constable and Judges Commendations. He is a member of the Home Office Ending Gang Youth Violence and Exploitation Focus Group, School Governor at 17 Secondary Pupil Referral Units across South Manchester, and Managing Director at Urban Pure Solutions.

Dean specialises in engaging with least-heard communities, those affected or at risk from street-based threats and criminal influences as well as those vulnerable to Radicalisation and other forms of exploitation.

He has shared his knowledge of gangs, County Lines and Child Criminal Exploitation across the UK – assisting adult Safeguarders to support children in their charge. He also teaches young learners safety drills to increase personal resilience to child criminal exploitation (County Lines) allowing them to exit potentially dangerous situations and divert from criminal influences.

When not working with Safeguarders and young people in the UK, Dean trains Anti-Poaching Bush Rangers throughout Africa.

All of Dean’s workshops are highly interactive. Prepare to engage!

Please contact me if you would like to book this session or discuss other training available for your children or staff.

Dean Coady OBE 07885597690


If you have been directed to this part of my web site, then you have been on my training. I am very proud of the work I am involved in and I would encourage you to have a look at the resources below. If you have any questions……………try to research them yourselves before you get back to me !!!!  LOL!!! That’s what learning is all about!

If you are stuck, email or bell me. Keep safe  Dean.

List of Resources

Adult County Lines Training Borders Project

Fantastic NWG Disruption



FinalGuidance App Language Toolkit

NRM Guide (National Referral Model

DEX004c_Slang Dictionary A5 Booklet_V4

Guidance Cap Intel


Exploitation Toolkit

ASB Revised Statutory Guidance

HiRes Gang Awareness Brochure

Keeping Kids Safe CC

National Strategic Assessment of SOC 2019


Warning Notice from Merseyside     (click to download)

KNIFE 2020 Staff Feedback Sheet Student Feedback Sheet 2020

Can I recommend that you look up Dispatches CH4 in relation to County Lines. My pal Anna Hall is the exec director and the film is really true, robust and does not glamourise County Lines or Child Criminal Exploitation.

GM Community Views of Youth Violence FULL VFinal

Alfie’s Story – A film about CCE.

The below is a link to Blurred Lines- a film that I supported and advised on. Please also see an introduction to this film by my friend, Parvez Qadir.

Parvez Qadir

I am a creative facilitator who is passionate about working with people from different walks of life, helping them to unlock their unique voices by providing them with a platform to be heard. I have facilitated and produced a range of creative projects from live theatre, film and animation with a range of diverse young people from all different types of backgrounds and delivered in a variety of settings including theatres, schools, colleges and community groups.​

I am proud to have worked with Dean Coady OBE from Urban Pure Solutions, who was instrumental in helping me on two short films around Child Criminal Exploitation and CSE. Dean helped me with research and find authentic voices for the characters.

‘Blurred Lines’ a short film tackling child criminal exploitation and the dangers of modern slavery, as part of Greater Manchester’s week of action on exploitation. I also secured funding from the Arts Council and Safer Communities from Rochdale Council to take the ‘Crossing the Line’ monologue on a tour in 2019 and 2020. This enabled the project to reach new audiences by taking the piece to venues and communities who don’t often have access to theatre.

I am always interested in working with new partners to inspire groups through the mediums of theatre, animation or film. So please get in touchif you’d like to talk to me about a potential project.

Dean Coady OBE

MD Urban Pure Solutions