Training for Safeguarders/Parents and Carers

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“My name is Dean Coady O.B.E, and I am the Lead Trainer at Urban Pure Solutions. Over the last several years, I have researched and designed a series of unique interactive  training packages for young learners and supporting Safeguarders, as well as parents and carers.

Each training strand endeavours to address some specific threats, risks and vulnerabilities facing children and young adults that live in our communities. I have named this overall programme;

“Urban Learning- The Citizen Projects”

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Linking in with each of the Citizen Projects is supporting Safeguarding instruction, relating to Radicalisation and Extremism, Street Gangs, Girls in Gangs, Crime and Consequence and the cross border trafficking of young people from the local areas, throughout the UK to become involved in Crime

The REAP Project – Radicalisation Extremism Awareness and Prevention


Responsibilities of Educational staff in relation to Recognising, Reacting and Referring children at risk of Radical or Extremist influences- helping you to Recognise, React, Refer (or Report)

Information for Education Providers

The new Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 includes provisions which place a “duty on specified bodies, including the Police, Prisons, Local Authorities, Schools and Universities, to have due regard to preventing people being drawn into terrorism”.  Theresa May Feb 2015

All Educational organisations and authorities subject to this duty, need to ensure they provide appropriate training for staff involved in the implementation of this responsibility.

OFSTED directs that Education providers must establish or make use of existing mechanisms to create understanding of the risk of radical and extremist activities within their schools. Staff that engage with children must understand what radicalisation means and how young people may become vulnerable to being drawn into extremist and/or terrorist activity.

All Education managers that supervise staff that work in schools have both a lawful obligation and duty of care to ensure their workers are supported, by having training that responds to existing, new and emerging threats. All staff need to be aware and understand the relationship between radicalisation and terrorism and how to recognise, react to and refer or report potentially harmful activity.

The ‘National’ aim is to prevent children at our schools from becoming drawn into radical, extremist or terrorist activity.

“What are you doing to increase your staff’s awareness of the threats of extremism and terrorist activity in your area of responsibility?”

REAP is an interactive and relevant training resource that will educate and assist all Education Managers, Teaching and Supporting staff and other Safeguarding professionals to Recognise, React and Refer or Report, Radical or Extremist activity. It will help you to support children in your charge.

Delivered within your workplace, REAP is an Extremism and Radicalisation Awareness training product, 2.5 hours duration, with an optimum class size of 20-25.

This training resource has been designed by one of the UK’s most highly decorated and commended former Police Detectives, Dean Coady OBE. Dean has extensive experience of working in ‘high risk’ environments and has been involved in numerous aspects of policing and safeguarding. He has served in Gang Units and as a Counter Terrorism Engagement Officer in Manchester and has visited and engaged with ‘hard-to-reach’ communities throughout the UK and abroad.

This training will address the requirements under the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015, and align to the inspection criterion of PREVENT and OFSTED


Dean created REAP based on real experiences, in collaboration with fellow Counter Terrorism Officers, Teachers, Health and Social Workers, Housing colleagues, as well as other Safeguarding professionals and front-line community services teams. This training will empower learners to:

  • Understand what ‘The Prevent Duty’ is and what schools need to do to meet the requirements set out in the latest guidance issued by the DfE
  • To recognise the signs and indicators and know what to do if you are worried about a child or young person who may be at risk of extremism or radicalisation following the guidelines of the Child protection procedures
  • To build networks of support so that you can develop effective working relationships in line with Working together to safeguard children 2015
  • To identify personal and organisational good practice so that you can apply this to help keep children safe.
  • We are not asking you to do anything ‘extra’, other than to be aware of your surroundings, to Recognise, React and Refer.
  • By Recognising, Reacting and Referring, (or Reporting), staff will be better equipped to Prevent the spread of Radical or Extremist activities.




REAP workshops are, fully facilitated by an experienced former Counter Terrorism officer and includes interactive relevant case studies.                                                  

The Creator: Introduction and Background

Working at the front-line within the UK’s least heard communities, the creator of REAP, Dean Coady OBE has been deployed in many roles, including CID, Murder Squad, Gang Unit and as a Counter-Terrorism Community Engagement Officer. Throughout this time he has researched, developed and designed training resources with community facing employees for community facing employees across public, private and non-profit sectors.

REAP content has been well tested and is a highly regarded prevention and support resource for employees within safeguarding communities. Dean travels the world maintaining an up to date knowledge of current threats and continues to identify new approaches to developing community cohesion and safety.

To meet any internal accountability issues your organisation may require, Dean demonstrates corresponding lesson plans, trainer’s notes, interactive power-point presentations and feedback sheets in relation to all his training products.

“REAP builds upon the experience of front line staff, enhances their own working practices and professionalism, providing workers with training to allow them to make a better informed decision in relation to circumstances that they are presented with. Nobody should go home and say, “I wish I would have spoken to someone about that…”. Let’s work together to keep ourselves and our communities safe.” Dean Coady OBE 2022.

You can contact me via the Enquiry/Contact form on this site, or email me direct at; 

As Hannibal said as he approached the Alps, “If I can not find a way…I will make one”

Dean Coady O.B.E

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Urban Pure Solutions is part of Maccalin Associates Limited – Company number 9268368

5 thoughts on “Training for Safeguarders/Parents and Carers

  1. Fantastic interventions, really effective with young people. I would definitely recommend these to all people working with children and young adults.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I attended CCE training today, delivered by Dean and it was thought provoking, inspiring and different. Dean’s delivery of the course and information was interesting and refreshing and it has provoked me in to wanting to know more about the subject of child criminal exploitation and its links to other forms of exploitation CSE, trafficking and modern slavery.

    If you work with children and young people this training is invaluable and is an experience that will open your eyes to the realities. It may even result in you changing a young life for the better.


  3. I attended Training yesterday and Wow what an eye opener it was
    I can not stop talking and expressing my thoughts on this training high impact but thought processing I have talked to some of my YP in my family about grooming and just how easily lead they could be

    All schools need Dean to go and have a chat wiling 13 year olds and above
    Keep doing what your doing Dean
    Hopefully one day the gangs will be backed in a corner and flushed out making our home towns safer
    For our children

    Annemarie Murphy OG Foster career


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