Urban Learning- The Citizen Projects

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Here is a ‘snap-shot’ of some of the Citizen Projects – for young learners.

The Citizen Project- The Dangers of Extremism and Terrorism

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The Citizen Project

Males in Gangs

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Please note, I have delivered this Gangs Awareness training in many schools and colleges throughout the UK and it has also been an absolute honour to also have been requested to deliver this training at local Mosques in the Manchester area. Thank you Al Furqan, Ar Rahman Mosques- Moss Side and Didsbury Mosque, for your support in sharing this message.


Girls and Gangs Project

Includes general delivery and also specific training for young women in Secure Training Centres


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Cody’s Choices – Child Sexual Exploitation (made in company with NWG)


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10% of any fees obtained from the above CSE training pack, will be given to National Working Group. This organisation is a registered charity and supports those affected by Child Sexual Exploitation- (Charity Ref 1125632)

Each of the Citizen Projects are not only educational but also early intervention models, designed to directly identify, explore and address the vulnerability of young people affected by the threat of Extremism, Child Sexual Exploitation and Street Gangs.

The Citizen project is an interesting and interactive engagement product, designed for children and young adults, between the ages of 11-17 years, parents and carers and also safeguarding professionals that work with young people.

The aims of each Citizen project resource are to increase awareness, to educate and to challenge young people and the adults that support them, in relation to their understanding of the dangers of potential Extremist activity, Child Sexual Exploitation and the threat of Street Gangs in our communities.

The Citizen Projects can be used to facilitate both individual and group delivery and intervention and may also be used to increase the awareness and knowledge of teachers, social workers and other safeguarding staff and organisations that have children and young people in their charge.

Each of these projects consists of learners following a cyber-journey taken by the two main characters, as they travel through the area that they live in.

The presentations have the general appearance of an interactive computer game accessed via tablet PC, with the main ‘story-line’ being re-enforced by video clips or by discussing realistic scenarios that the characters become involved in.


All Citizen Projects are 1 hour in duration and facilitate plenary sessions, whereby the learners discuss the actions, reactions and the possible outcomes of the main character’s behaviour.

This inclusive approach has been specifically designed to allow learners with limited academic ability, and/or those individuals who may not have English as their first language, to fully engage in each session.

Each exercise enables young learners to explore, reflect and challenge the behaviour that these characters demonstrate and will allow them a forum to discuss potential solutions, as to the difficult situations that the characters find themselves in.

The intention of each project is not only to educate young learners, but to offer solutions that will empower them to build a personal resilience against those involved in Extremist activity, Child Sexual Exploitation and Street Gangs.

I have researched, developed and designed corresponding lesson plans, trainer’s notes, interactive power-point presentations and feedback sheets in relation to all projects mentioned above.

I have also prepared a strategic delivery document, which details a proposed system of engagement with schools and other organisations that have children and young adults in their charge.

All of the Citizen Projects have been trialled, amended and trialled again in some challenging areas throughout Manchester.

Albeit the positive feedback from Safeguarders attending these inputs is always welcome, it is the young people’s response that motivates me to continue to develop new approaches to the threat, risks and vulnerabilities facing them.

I am continually working on new engagement and safeguarding products, so please check out the rest of this web-site to see if I can assist you in your efforts to support others”.


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