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Hi, and thank you for visiting this website. Let me take the opportunity to tell you, not just about what I have done, but what I plan to do!!

Some of you may know that I have designed and delivered Gang and Counter-Terrorism Safeguarding and Awareness Products to young people and corresponding Safeguarders across Manchester and the North West region. I have also designed and delivered training to other key agencies including Law Enforcement, Fire Service, Housing Providers, Mental Health Workers, Nurses, Education, Social Workers and I have also lectured on the BA and MA Social Worker Courses at Salford University in relation to Gangs and also Terrorism and Radicalisation awareness.

I have just completed some new products that I believe would greatly assist front-line Safegaurders and Service Providers.

An Introduction to Engaging with ‘Least-Heard’ Communities 2021  

A practical guide to engagement. Previously delivered to over 2000 staff, including police and partner agencies throughout the UK. Now updated, it includes a model to assist front-line Safeguarders and Service Providers to engage with the communities that they support and to provide them with guidance to increase their personal safety.

From this, I have also designed and delivered a derivative training package entitled;

An Introduction to the Somali Community, which is based on my own personal journey and experiences working as an Engagement officer in communities across Manchester and the North West Region.                                 

Both of these products are highly interactive, the content of which I have personally designed and developed whilst serving as a Gang Unit operative and Prevent Engagement Officer, in Greater Manchester Police Counter Terrorism Unit.

My newest project, is an enhanced Terrorism and Radicalisation awareness and personal safety briefing package. It consolidates all the lessons I have learnt from working in hostile environments in the UK and abroad, interacting and supporting both Law Enforcement and Safeguarding agencies and Front-Line Service Providers.


The Visitor Project.

The aim of this resource is to educate and prepare all front-line public or private sector Safegaurders and Service Providers, whose job entails actually visiting a home address, to recognise, react and refer (or report), incidents relating to radicalisation, extremism and/or terrorist activity. If required, I can also include a derivative version of this product which focuses on general crime and street gangs.

During this training, I will also demonstrate the safety drills that I have used as a lone worker, deployed in hostile environments throughout the world.

By the end of each lesson, learners will have an increased awareness of not only extremism and terrorist activity, general crime and street gangs but also the potential dangers faced by lone workers. I will also encompass working with managers to embed their own CT and lone working policies into their existing risk assessments.

The training consists of a power-point presentation based on a routine or low priority safety visit, conducted by the employing Safeguarding or Service Provider agency.


Throughout the presentation, the learners are asked to discuss their ongoing observations and personal risk assessment considerations, and to explore how they could recognise and report potential extremist, terrorist or criminal activity.

All of these projects are now- Good to go! and ready to be delivered.

The Claremont ModelEngaging with ‘Least-Heard’ communities

My aim is to share my experiences as to how I started as an enforcement agent, (Police Officer in Moss Side) with a task of trying to understand a ‘hard-to-reach’ community that lived in the area, namely the Somali Diaspora. This short lecture details how I broke down barriers that blocked community understanding which culminated in me being accepted into this group, becoming an advisor and conduit between parts of this community and the police. I have compacted 5 years of what was at times extremely frustrating, (but equally enjoyable) engagement, into a one hour lecture, whereby I deliver the ‘formula’ that I successfully used.

Watch this space for updates.

Dean Coady O.B.E

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